How To Run A Direct Mail Campaign For Your Fast Courier Brisbane?

Are you planning to start a direct mail campaign for your express courier Brisbane? There are many concerns you need to look into if you want this campaign to increase your sales for the next coming months. Below is a list of things you need to prepare:

• Determine your main objective

Most marketers and entrepreneurs who opted to try direct mail campaign should determine beforehand the main objective of this action. List your goals like increase sales, build customer relationship or generate traffic to your website.

• Choose your target audience

Another vital ingredient of a successful direct mail campaign for your fast courier Brisbane is your target audience. If you haven’t decided yet who will be your target recipients of these mails, find out now who are they, either your current customers or new prospects.

• Decide your budget

All marketing campaigns require funding. If you want to proceed with your direct mail campaign, decide a budget. I’m sure you have other expenses to worry about and you need to allocate the funds wisely to avoid overspending. Start with a small budget for your direct mail campaign and if you seen positive responses, that’s the perfect time to go full blast with this campaign.

• Plan ahead of time

Direct mail campaign requires proper timing when sending in order to bring the best results. I do recommend that you plan ahead of time the timing. Avoid sending them during holidays and long breaks because your target recipients might be too lazy or too busy with more important matters than opening mails. Aside from that, delays in delivery are most likely to happen during these occasions.

• Complete your mailing list

Direct mail campaign will not run successfully if you don’t have a list of your target fast courier Brisbane recipients. If you haven’t generated enough people’s names on your mailing list, why not consider renting a mailing list. Be sure you specify how many names of individuals you want as well as your intentions of reusing them for future direct mailing campaign.

• Compose your letter

This is a vital ingredient of a direct mail campaign, the letter. Prepare in advance your letter. Make sure you come up with a compelling message that draws the reader’s attention and prompt him or her to a direct action. Offer incentives to anyone who replied the soonest possible time.

• Come up with a unique mailshot design

Creativity is important if you want your mail to be opened and read. Come up with a unique design on your mailshot. If you need to personalize your letterhead including the envelopes, don’t think twice if the outcome will be more customers coming to avail your courier services.

Now, that you have all the things needed to run a direct mail campaign, don’t delay your efforts and start now to achieve your business goals.

Taking the pressure and intimidation out of joining the gym: CityfitnessNew Zealand

AboutCityfitness, Newmarket

Cityfitness Newmarket is part of a chain of New Zealand fitness centres. ‘With a membership at CityFitness, you have access to incredible services and amenities that will help you achieve your goals. We believe that you should get to choose the membership that works best for your needs without all the sales pressure. A section of our popular membership options are now available to buy online. We hope you take the next step on the path to living a healthier, happier life.’


Joining a fitness centre or gym can be a daunting prospect for some people, so the challenge is to allow a comfortable and less-pressured way that potential clients can view the facilities and equipment. Showing prospective clients around the facility and answering questions online and over the phone takes a lot of staff resources so finding a way to better communicate would be ideal.

With number of fitness centres, Cityfitness was also seeking a way to stand out from the crowd and differentiate their business – from both the competition and other branches.


Google Street View Trusted provided a marketing tool that allowed potential customers to ‘try before they buy’. The virtual tour enables visitors to view the facilities and equipment on offer prior to a centre visit meaning that those who do visit and more likely to be ready to engage, purchase, join the gym.

Google Street View Trusted

Google Street View Trusted offers a high-quality interactive tour of a business’ interior. This panoramic, 360-degree view is used in Google search results to guide traffic and engagement. This allows visitors to explore the fitness centre quickly and easily see the décor, the standard of the facilities, the layout of workout areas, and the quality and range of equipment as they decide where or not to join the gym.

To learn more, visit

Benefits of Google Street View Trusted for potential clients of Cityfitness, Newmarket

  • Business View extends an invitation to customers to visit inside your business with a virtual tour and therefore be more comfortable in their decision to engage

Benefits of Google Street View Trusted forCityfitness, Newmarket

  • They have been able to enhance their online presence across Google – Google+, Google Search, Google Maps
  • Google Street View Trusted is a simple, fast and affordable process

Benefits of Google Street View Trusted in general

  • Business View photos can be embedded on a business’ website with simple HTML or Google Maps API
  • The virtual tour can be published on Google Maps and Google+ pages
  • A Google certified Trusted Agency will complete premium quality photo shoots around businesses’ schedules to minimise business interruption
  • Photo shoot results can be live on Google in a matter of a few weeks in order to start achieving real results

So what are you waiting for?

  • Contact a Google certified Trusted Agency
  • Schedule a time for your photo shoot
  • Relax – now your photographer takes care of the rest
  • Check out your virtual tour online

In New Zealand there are two Google certified Trusted Agencies, of which, Mint Design is one. We’d be happy to discuss Google Street View Trusted in more detail and how it presents a fantastic marketing opportunity for your local business.

Apart from Google street view trusted Mint design provide Website Designers Christchurch Service as well

5 Unique Ideas On How You Can Handle A Fast Courier Melbourne Job

Finally, you got hired as a fast courier Melbourne driver. How can you handle this type of job that requires you to be on the field most of the time during your working shifts? Below are 5 unique ideas to keep you on the go with any courier task.


  • Maintain a positive outlook

It really requires a lot of positivity if you want to stay longer doing a fast courier Melbourne job. Keep in mind, this particular job position may cause a lot of stress, so it is essential that you come to work full of positive vibes.

  • Remain cool

I’m sure as a courier driver you will face many challenges along your courier assignments like heavy traffic, demanding customer or worst a dead engine. If you are put in this kind of ordeal, remain cool and don’t let this negative event ruin your day. Find the quickest solution to your problem like calling for support if you knew your delivery van’s engine will not start and may require major repair.

  • Observe a balanced lifestyle

If you want to perform well with your fast courier Melbourne career, observe a balanced lifestyle. Set aside some quality time to rest, unwind or relax after a long day shift doing rush deliveries. If you boss is asking you to do extra shifts, but you feel every inch exhausted, don’t be afraid to confide this issue. I’m sure your boss will understand and just find somebody to do the extra duty.

  • Concentrate on your driving

As a professional driver, it is your responsibility to remain focus while driving, especially if you have bulk deliveries containing valuable items. Don’t let anything disturb your presence of mind while on the road. For example, if your mobile phone is ringing, better find the nearest stop and park your delivery van safely before answering the call to avoid road accidents.

  • Take a break

Lastly, the best thing you can do if have a long list of delivery orders for today is plan your route wisely and make sure you take a break after continuous hours of driving. Do some stretching to relieve your tensed muscles, grab a snack or go to the nearest restroom to freshen up.


I do hope the above tips will help you carry on with your job in the courier industry successfully. This kind of work could be truly demanding, but can be your source of steady income, so make an effort to impress your boss and your customers.

Things to consider before hiring a jumping castle in Sydney

Socializing with old friends, neighbors, and even colleagues can often be a challenge in parties, school activities, weddings, church, and corporate functions when the children and young teens are present. In most cases, the parents or guardians, usually end up chasing around the kids while the kids mostly demand to go home if they feel bored or left out. If in Sydney, one way of making sure there is plenty of time for people to catch up with friends or share stories with acquaintances is to hire jumping castles Sydney. Hiring one would make sure the kids will mostly be localized in one area where there is fun and thrill and quickly get to know their playmates.

Prior to hiring jumping castles Sydney, it is of paramount importance that several factors have to be considered. The most important factor would be the place to mount the rubber castles or obstacles. Ideally, the surface has to be flat with plenty of room to spare from both sides. Since the castles will be filled with air, a surface with indentations would more than likely cause abrasion or even deflate the bouncy rides. A flat surface that covers 5 to 7m would generally be enough.

Going for an outdoor or indoor activity is another thing to be taken into account. Whereas an indoor activity would have its limitations when it comes to size, it definitely does not fall under the mercies of the weather. Holding the event outdoors meanwhile, would be great for the kids as nothing beats fresh air. Should one go for the latter, getting a good reading of the incoming weather would be a fantastic idea.

If within the means, getting a ballpark figure of the kids who will be joining and their corresponding ages would be a major coup for the organizers. It should be noted that the owners do have a recommended number of people inside the inflatable at one time. The number of kids inside at the same time would also be determined by their ages. To accommodate all ages, getting the biggest available inflatable would be a great bet.

For detailed explanations and to put the renters’ mind at ease, it would be to their benefit if they can ask all the necessary questions they can think of before hiring jumping castles Sydney. It never hurts to be sure about the company’s track record, safety measures, and hygiene standards. Checking the prospect online would be another way of gauging what that company offers with the kind of service and safety they provide.